The Research Team


Principal Investigator

Prof. Ryan Bailey

Postdoctoral Scholars


Vishal Sahore


Graduate Students

Emily Mordan

Colleen Riordan

Shannon Wetzler

Claire Neice

Cole Chapman

John Orlet

Nico Mesyngier

Marina Sarcinella

Sara Medfisch

Gloria Diaz

Nick Glenn

Masters Students

Robert Moeller

Undergraduate Students

Michaela Barber


Graduate and Post-Doc Alumni

Steven Doonan
Defended Thesis May 2019, currently a Postdoc in the lab of Gary Patti (WUSTL)
Mari Cardenosa
Defended Thesis April 2019, currently a Postdoc in the lab of Laura Lechuga (ICN2)
Heather Robison
Defended Thesis September 2017, currently a Postdoc in the lab of Amy Herr (UC-Berkeley)
Yi Xu
Defended Thesis August 2018, currently working at Zymo Research
James Wade

Defended Thesis March 2017, currently working at the Dow Chemical Company
Meng Sun
Postdoc (October 2017); currently working in the lab of Qiong Yang (UM)
Richard Graybill
Defended Thesis March 2017; currently working at LEK Consulting
Alex Stanton
Defended Thesis May 2017; currently working at the EPA
Enrique Valera
Postdoc (September 2016); currently working in the Bashir Lab (UIUC)
Ellen Muehl
Defended thesis August 2016
Dan McCurry
Defended thesis August 2016; currently a professor at Bloomsburg University
Winnie Shia
Defended thesis August 2015; currently working at the Center for Disease Control
Jessica Banks
Defended thesis May 2015; currently working at Moderna Therapeutics
Aurora Alsop
Defended thesis May 2015; currently working at Veterinary Medicine at Illinois
Melinda McClellan
Defended thesis December 2014
Josh Tice
Post-doc (January 2014); currently working at Scientific Device Laboratory
Jared Kindt
Defended thesis August 2013; currently working at Celanese
Courtney Sloan
Post-doc (May 2013); currently working at Covidien
Matthew Luchansky
Defended thesis October 2012; currently working at PPG Industries
Abraham Qavi
Defended thesis May 2012; enrolled in M.D. program at UIUC
Ted Limpoco
Post-doc (April 2012); currently working at Asylum Research
Ott Scheler
Visiting pre-doctoral Fellow (February-July 2011);  Postdoc at Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Christine Herman
Defended thesis March 2012; Freelance Science Journalist
Adam Washburn
Defended thesis November 2011; currently working at Eli Lilly
Nicole Tolan
Post-doc (July 2011); currently working at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Teresa Fraterman
Defended thesis February 2011; currently working for Prof. John Katzenellenbogan, UIUC Chemistry
Ji-Yeon Byeon
Defended thesis December 2010; currently working at LG

Undergraduate and Masters Students

Steven Quarin
M.S. Chemistry (2019)
Jenny Choi
B.S. Chemistry (2019)
Melissa Lin
M.S. Chemistry (2018)
Josh Jones
B.S. Chemical Engineering (2018)
Dongkwan Lee
B.S. (2018, expected)
Ruth Londono
B.S. (2017, expected)
Jose Beserra
B.S. (2017, expected)
Chris Para
B.S. (2016)
Mallika Modak
B.S. Bioengineering (2015); Medical Student, Feinberg School of Medicine (Northwestern, MD/PhD Program)
Amy Oreskovic
B.S. Bioengineering (2015); Graduate Student, University of Washington (Bioengineering)
So-Hyun Kyra Lee
B.S. Chemistry (2013); Graduate student, California Institute of Technology
Paige Malec
B.S. Chemistry (2012); Graduate student, University of Michigan
Greg Potts
B.S. Chemistry (2011); Graduate student, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Adrienne Bowman
B.S. Chemistry (2011); currently working for Dow Chemical
Kim Lenkeit
B.S. Chemistry (2013); Undergraduate student, Loyola University Chicago
Yueming Zhao
B.S. Chemistry (2013); Undergraduate student, UIUC
Mark Geiger
M.S. Chemistry (2008); Lawyer
Jen Hyland
M.S. Chemistry (2008); Nurse
Rachel Masyuko
B.S. Chemistry (2007), currently working at Archer Daniels Midland Company
Ryan Meiergerd
M.S. Chemistry (2007), Officer, United States Air Force