Vishal Sahore

Postdoctoral Researcher
Home: Raipur Sahoran, India

I was born and raised in a modern but traditional Indian village named Raipur Sahoran located in Northern India’s mountainous, holy, tourist destination, and apple producing state of Himachal Pradesh. I did my initial schooling and college education in India, and then came to the United States for advanced education and scientific research. 

Professionally, as an analytical scientist, I specialize in the miniaturized fluidic/lab-on-a-chip technologies and have developed a variety of novel microfluidic (continuous- and droplet-fluid flow) device tools/systems for bioanalytical applications, with specific focus on low-cellular input epigenetic studies; pre-term birth diagnosis; and multiplex electrochemical bioassay method development.

Currently, as a research fellow, I am developing a highly sophisticated droplet microfluidics system integrating single cell capture, fluorescence assisted dielectrophoretic sorting, and droplet incubation/delay-channel device modules for the epigenetic studies of the biological cells. Previously, in this role I also developed the droplet microfluidics systems in the thermoplastics and fluorothermoplastics material substrates. During my previous postdoctoral training, I developed the pneumatically controlled integrated microfluidic devices for the analysis of a panel of pre-term birth (PTB) biomarkers. As a doctoral student researcher, I advanced a new pumping technique of redox- magnetohydrodynamics and developed its fundamental microfluidic features of flat flow profile and fluid circulation, along with performing another fundamental study elucidating the natural convection induced by the electrochemically generated density gradients in an on-chip microfluidic environment. As a master student researcher, I developed a fast and accurate algorithm using the theoretical models of dielectric spectroscopy to analyze the data corresponding to the rats’ brain. Briefly, I also worked as a research associate at the SFC Fluidics Inc., Fayetteville, AR, and manufactured and characterized the electrochemical pump technology for the drug delivery applications.

Additionally, I am actively involved in the scientific community service through my works as a peer-reviewer, and co-organizer and chair for technical sessions at technical conferences. I have a diversity of teaching experience, that was acquired primarily by instructing a variety of chemistry and physics laboratory and lecture courses at different institutes in the United States.

During my free time, I like to do exercise; cook vegetarian foods; take long car-drives; read newspapers and magazines; enjoy walking though the wood trails; and explore nature. 


Postdoctoral Fellow, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
Ph.D. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
M.S. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
B.S. Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India