Zach Wiersma


2nd Year Graduate Student
Home: Lowell, IN

Zach works on the design and development of label-free detection systems for molecular analysis.  This includes the creation of a novel optical setup for free-solution binding studies.  His main project is focused on adapting the microring resonator system to GPC, allowing refractive index detection of high molecular weight polymers in solvent gradients.  This will vastly improve the detection and characterization of industrially relevant polymers, many of which cannot be detected with commercial RI detectors because of the lack of chromophoric or fluorogenic functional groups.  Furthermore, modern LC techniques can be utilized for improved separation.  The long term goal of this product is an industrial product, which Zach plans to commercialize.

When not in lab, Zach plays the banjo and annoys his wife, often at the same time.


2013 B.S. Chemistry and Physics, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology