Lab Alumna, Dr. Christine Herman featured by UIUC Grad College

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Here's an exerpt:

"What has been the most valuable transferable skill you gained from graduate school?
The most valuable transferable skill I gained from graduate school is being fearless in approaching a topic that I may know absolutely nothing about and taking steps to figure out what I need to know. In research, your goal is to break new ground in your field, and that requires first becoming aware of the current status of the field and then figuring out what open questions remain. In journalism, it's very similar in the sense that you can't be intimidated. You have to just dive right in, find the information you need and not be afraid to ask questions. I also learned perseverance and hard work. Being a researcher was the most grueling job and I have ever had, and I worked in a lab that was very supportive of having good work-life balance. I look back on those days and think about how they were really character building. That's why when people ask me if I would do it all over again and get the PhD if I had known I wanted to ultimately be a journalist, I'm torn. You certainly don't need a PhD to do what I do, but there are so many ways that the graduate school experience has really helped me.