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A Guide to Quantitative Biomarker Assay
Development using Whispering Gallery
Mode Biosensors


Whispering gallery mode (WGM) sensors are a class of powerful analytical techniques defined by the measurement of changes in the local refractive index at or near the sensor surface. When functionalized with target-specific capture agents, analyte binding can be measured with very low limits of detection. There are many geometric manifestations of WGM sensors, with chip-integrated silicon photonic devices first commercialized because of the robust, wafer-scale device fabrication, facile optical interrogation, and amenability to the creation of multiplexed sensor arrays. Using these arrays, a number of biomolecular targets have been detected in both label-free and label-enhanced assay formats. For example, sub-picomolar detection limits for multiple cytokines were achieved using an enzymatically enhanced sandwich immunoassay that showed high analyte specificity suitable for detection in complex, clinical matrices. This protocol describes a generalizable approach for the development of quantitative, multiplexed immunoassays using silicon photonic microrings as an example WGM platform.

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