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Combining asymmetric PCR-based enzymatic amplification with silicon photonic microring resonators for the detection of lncRNAs from low input human RNA samples


A method for quantifying biologically relevant long-non-coding RNAs by combining nucleic acid amplification via asymmetric polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with label-free PCR product detection using silicon photonic microring resonator arrays is described. This approach eliminates the need for fluorophores, which presents a limit for spectral multiplexing in conventional qPCR methods, and rather offers potential for much higher levels of plexity by spatially arraying capture probes. Here, we demonstrate the potential of this technique to detect two differentially expressed lncRNA transcripts and an internal control mRNA transcript in different commercial human tissue specimens, as well as in a glioblastoma cell line using only nanogram input amounts of total RNA. The obtained results were validated using single-plex RT-qPCR and found to be in good agreement, demonstrating the potential of this technique for lncRNA quantification applications. Click here to read the manuscript.